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Returning Clients

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Veterinary Services

While we do not anticipate medical needs to arise while your dog is with us, occasionally we do have dogs develop minor to major illnesses during their stay.  We work closely with a local vet to ensure your dog will receive any needed medical care during his/her stay.  We will communicate closely with you about any vet services needed.  We do charge a $50 vet transport fee if your dog needs to see the vet during his stay, in addition to the vet bill and any tests or medications.  Please ensure your dog is healthy before coming to see us by checking the ears, performing a whole body check, and noting any unusual bodily functions such as increased drinking, lack of appetite, frequent urination or loose stools. We are willing to administer any required medications or special TLC for your dog, but prefer a vet visit with your vet prior to your dog's stay with us.  If you have any questions regarding health concerns please contact us.


Canine Counselor IS NOT a dog rescue.  We do NOT take in problem dogs or re-home aggressive dogs.  If you must give up your dog and the dog is well-behaved, we may have a family that is looking for a dog like yours.  We are extremely picky with the dogs we place in our clients' homes. We may be able to re-home if your dog :

  • has NEVER tried to bite or has NEVER bit anyone
  • Likes People and children
  • Is outgoing and friendly
  • Is good with dogs
  • has NEVER growled at anyone
  • Has no anxiety or fearful behavior

If you are on the verge of re-homing your dog we are happy to offer training to help you enjoy your dog more.  YOU are your dog's best advocate and chance for success. If you think your dog may be a candidate and meets our re-homing criteria, we charge a $100 evaluation fee.  Then if your dog meets our criteria and we have an interested family, we ask for a $2000 rehoming fee.