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Tailoring Training According to Temperament May 7-9, 2020

Location - Near Washington DC in Lovettsville, VA.  Phyllis has 30+ years experience training and evaluating dogs.  She bases her training plan for each dog on the dog's individual needs and behavior issues.  Her assessment of the dog at any given time during training must be accurate to give the dog the appropriate training. We strive to be non-judgmental and welcoming.  During this workshop, Phyllis will teach students her savant-like evaluation process using students' dogs.  Then the students can practice evaluating dogs.  Next we will come up with a training plan for each dog based on our evaluations.  Phyllis will share why she will perform different training techniques including food reward, behavioral downs, building trust and corrections at each stage in training.  Phyllis uses the right technique for each dog at the right time. She combines obedience with relationship based behavior modification to achieve remarkable transformations in her clients' dogs. Learn which technique with what timing works for each dog to get the ultimate training results. 


FEEDBACK from previous workshops

"....  It was very fascinating learning about  some of the nuances of dog behavior and how to manage them. While I am sure it’s often difficult to deliver unpleasant messages about someone's dog, I find that you do so in a very non-judgmental way which is greatly appreciated. "

"It was different from others I have attended - in a good way. Came away with the understanding that a dog's temperament can't necessarily be fixed...which other trainers won't say or believe. I learned alot and appreciate the time spent with my dogs"

"I felt like I learned perspectives I hadn’t known before and validated some of the things I knew. It also taught me a gentler approach to training."

"I have been to a lot of seminars and I felt this to be one of the best as far as helpful hands on information. Phyllis' and Julie's knowledge will help many trainers."

"No judgement.  Very welcoming to everyone."


TOPICS COVERED (not in entirety)

*Temperament and the connection to behavior problems.

*Puppy behavior and how to curtail probable problem behaviors before they start.

*Train for temperament. How reading dogs correctly can raise effectiveness of training.

*The difference between anxious and fearful, anxious and dominance, and anxious and insecure dogs and how these combinations require different solutions.

*Combining Obedience and Behavior solutions into your training program.

*Select dogs will be used in training and evaluation process.

*Qualifies for 24 continuing education units for the 

WHERE:  Washington DC Metro Area at a farm in Lovettsville, Virginia 

COST: $350  plus  $50 for a working spot


Julie Hart

HOW TO REGISTER:  Email Julie at  She will then send you an invoice to pay via Square online

IF YOU WANT TO BRING A DOG FOR A WORKING SPOT, please email Julie at to register your dog.  A working spot is $50 additional fee.  We will email you an invoice for the working spot that is separate from the ticket price.

Lodging Options:

Gayte House Harpers Ferry Dog friendly  - House - holds 3-5 Must call Dean at 304-279-1672 to reserve

Phagend House - Single Room 

Must call Dean at 304-279-1672 to reserve

Red Roof Inn in Leesburg.  If you need lodging the address and phone is Red Roof Inn Leesburg, 721 East Market Street, Leesburg, VA 20176,  Phone: 703-777-6622.  Please call the hotel directly and ask for the rooms reserved for Tailoring Training According to Temperament.


At-Your-Location Consulting

Want continuing education but don't want to leave work?

We come to you.  Phyllis can travel to your location to help you fine tune and improve training/ rehabilaition for the dogs in your care.  Whether you are a solo dog trainer, dog care facility, pet owner with a pack of dogs, dog rescue, or other dog care professional, we can  expand your knowledge and teach appropriate use of training techniques. We start by evaluating dog behavior and temperament properly to develop a training plan.  We believe not one size fits all, and if temperament is not taken into consideration, the training will fall short, especially for problem dogs.   Phyllis uses her instinctual knack for reading dogs to pinpoint what the dog needs to train and rehabilitate successfully.  She utilizes her pack of dogs to help her help dogs and can teach you how to do the same.  Phyllis is adept at using many tools, including food and an e-collar, and can how to use the right tool at the right time with the right dog.  Canine Counselor Inc thoroughly transitions training to the client which results in long lasting success for both dog and client.  We believe trained dogs should be happy content dogs.  If you want to deepen your understanding of dogs and how to help them through understanding dog and pack behavior, this option is for you. Private instruction for your team at your location.  Phyllis' assistant, Julie Hart, specializes in rehabilitating fearful dogs and can share her process along with Phyllis' expertise.   Phyllis has built a 35 year long successful business based on her methods and client services simply by word of mouth.  Her training programs are priced higher than most, with a waiting list, because the level of training and client service is top notch. We strive to give our consulting clients that same high level of service.

Price $995 per day plus travel costs, minimum three days.

Phyllis with her pack of dogs circa 1989
Phyllis with her pack of dogs circa 1989